Ski Trend of 2008

Do you think snowboarding is the craze of the season? Think again! Though you may see lots of boarders on the slopes in their fashionable gear, twin-tip skis are the hot item of the season according to “A New Direction with Twin-Tip Skis” in the New York Times. Twin-tip skis are traditionally known to be used for freestyle skiing, designed to help skiers improve their skills in hitting and landing jumps backwards.

While this may sound like intense equipment for most skiers, people of different age groups and skill levels are running out to buy twin-tip skis. If the ski is designed for freestyle skiing, then why are so many different skiers interested in this product?

The answer is lifestyle. Not only are the graphics creative, lively, and intense, but they also make skiers feel free and more youthful. Twin-tip skis are known to be more forgiving on the slopes as well, giving skiers the control and feel of a shorter ski. Though the ski is stylish and versatile, the main reason people are buying twin-tip skis is because everyone is doing it, so join the latest craze on the slopes!

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