Get in Shape for Ski Season!

Yes, fall is definitely coming to a close. The leaves are falling off the trees, Halloween is just around the corner and holiday decorations are already in the stores. That can only mean one thing…’s time to get in shape for ski season.

Getting in shape now means enjoying yourself more and hurting less. The three areas that you need to develop and concentrate on before heading into the season are flexibility, strength and aerobic ability. When getting in shape for ski season, here are some things you should focus on:

• Strength Training – Strong quads, hamstrings and glutes are essential for skiing and snowboarding. The more you work them, the more runs you’ll be able to make and the less pain you’ll be in the following day.
 Cardio Training – Consider cycling in some form as it gives your leg muscles a great workout.
• Agility – Practice stepping from side to side in a semi-squat position. Work you way up to jumping side to side.
• Speed
 – Run up and down the stairs with knees high in the air. It will help make you faster than you were last year.
• Flexibility – Stretch your muscles thoroughly before and after every workout.
• Power – You need power to stop, to go, to turn. Give this exercise a try to increase yours; stand on the first stair from the bottom with your side to the floor. Jump off the stair and then immediately back up. Repeat in sets of 10 – 30 seconds.

Now go workout!

*As with any workout, you should check with your doctor first if you have any special health concerns.

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