Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a Powder Passport?
The Powder Passport is available for purchase right here on our website! Simply click the “Buy it Now” button at the top of the page. Buy your Powder Passport now to take advantage of last season’s prices. Cards will be shipped in early December.
Note: Mountains are subject to change.

Are there any blackout dates?
No, there are absolutely no blackout dates, you can use your Powder Passport any time during the season including weekends and holidays.

How long does my Powder Passport last?
Your Powder Passport is valid for the number of calendar days that you choose at the time of purchase (1, 2, 3, 5 or 7-days). These days do not have to be used consecutively. They are yours to use over the course of the season.

If I buy a 7-day Powder Passport can I ski at the same mountain all 7 times?
Yes, you can ski or ride at the same mountain all 7 days or you can mix and match and ski or ride at different mountains all 7 days – it’s up to you!.

How does my Powder Passport get activated?
Your Powder Passport will become activated the first time you use it at an included mountain.

If I’m traveling with my family, can we use the same card?
No, the Powder Passport is only valid for one person. If you would like to share your ski experience with your family, you will each need to have your own Powder Passport.

Do kids need to have a Powder Passport?
Yes, every person (ages 5 and up) in your group must have a Powder Passport to take advantage of the skiing. Some mountains offer special training to younger skiiers and others offer professional daycare while the older members of your family ski.

What happens if I lose my Powder Passport?
Unfortunately, an activated Powder Passport is like cash. It is non-refundable.

How many mountains may I visit in one day?
You may visit one mountain per day.

Is it a season pass?No, the Powder Passport is more like a ticket to be used for admission to a mountain.

Where do I pick up my lift ticket?You will receive a full-color pocket guidebook when you purchase your Powder Passport. The special instructions section of each mountain�s page in your guidebook will instruct you where to pick up your lift ticket.

Is this product available in other cities?
Yes! We offer Go Visitor Cards in Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Orlando, Chicago, Miami, O’ahu, San Diego, and Los Angeles. We are launching new cities all the time. Visit for the full list. However, our Powder Passport is the only ski product we offer.

How does a ski area or related business get included with the card?
If you are a related business, you can increase your revenue by participating with the Powder Passport. You might be a ski area that wants to be one of the included mountains. You might be a ski shop, restaurant, lodge or other related business that could offer a discount or other added value to help drive customers to you.

Can I give the Powder Passport as a gift?
Yes, the Powder Passport makes a fantastic gift for any skiier/snowboarder for any occasion!